Bayou Lafourche

Sweet Roots — Donner-Peltier Distillers

Nestled among the sky-high sugar cane crops along LA Highway 1, Donner-Peltier Distillery pumps out (literally) some of the best rum, whiskey and vodka you’ll find in the state. The craft operation is the only one you’ll find along Bayou Lafourche - but with a pristine tasting room, crisp cocktails and the legend of the Rougaroux as its signature namesake, it’s the only distillery this community needs.

If the word “Rougaroux” has you confused from the start, we suggest you pop in for a tour. While enjoying a cocktail, you’ll be able to hear some traditional Cajun stories about the legendary werewolf-like creature who roams the swamps of Southern Louisiana. He only makes an appearance during a full moon, so you just might see him emerging from the cane fields surrounding the distillery on your way home… but we can’t make any promises.

In 2011, a pediatrician, a neurosurgeon and their significant others came together over a mutual love of rum to open Donner-Peltier, which features three authentic varieties of the spirit: Rougaroux Sugarshine, Rougaroux Full Moon Dark Rum and Rougaroux 13 Pennies. We won’t give away the meaning behind each of these concoctions’ names, but their recipes are filled with local, raw cane sugar and free from artificial extracts.

Donner-Peltier also proudly creates its signature Oryza vodka and gin in its Thibodaux distillery, both brought to life with local long grain rice. (When the ingredients for your products are literally grown right outside your front door, you know the end result is top notch.) Round out these offerings with its LA1 whiskey, aptly named as Louisiana’s first aged whiskey since the days of prohibition, and it’s easy to see why this small distillery makes for an unforgettable experience along Bayou Lafourche.

This unlikely team of craft distillers has won numerous awards for their “cane to cocktail” creations – we could down a bottle of LA1 by the time we finished listing them all. Instead, we suggest making your way to Thibodaux for an afternoon tour (did you know that all spirits start out clear?!), treating your taste buds to the decadent cocktails served in the tasting room and watching the sunset over the beautiful fields of cane. But if you hear a howl in the distance, it just might be time to call it a night…

Donner-Peltier Distillery offer tours every weekday at 4 pm and on Saturdays at both 2 pm and 4 pm.

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