Cultural Immersion

A Cultural Immersion Itinerary in Louisiana's Cajun Bayou

Try our sample itinerary for a 1 day experience of the sights, sounds, smells, and delicious tastes up and down the bayou. Or.. feel free to wander! No one trip to Lafourche is the same, so take inspiration from the ideas below and go wild and immerse yourself in the culture of Louisiana's Cajun Bayou.

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First, make a pit stop at our Visitor Center. Get some gorgeous travel inspiration and try out the interactive experiences, then pick up a Food Trail Passport to get on track to win prizes!

All you need to do is visit 5 stops along the trail to win a FREE t-shirt, and though your stomach will be happy taking care of before night's end, we do recommend that you pace yourself. Dining down the bayou is a marathon, not a sprint!

Then, head to the southernmost part of Louisiana’s Cajun Bayou for a tour of Port Fourchon, one of the largest coastal ports in the United States.

The port currently services over 90% of the Gulf of Mexico’s deep-water oil production. Serving as a modern example of how industry and the environment can co-exist as it promotes recreational fishing, coastal restoration, and ecotourism. 



Work your way up the bayou and visit Chine’s Cajun Net Shop. Watch hands-on demonstrations of how shrimp, oyster, and fishing nets are made for the local fishing industry.

After all of that exploration, it's time to wander off the eaten’ path on the Cajun Bayou Food Trail.

Download or pick up your trail map and passport and immerse yourself in local culture by experiencing authentic Cajun cuisine! 



Spahr's Downtown, The Balcony, Bourgeois Meat Market 


Touch pirogues, skiffs, and dugout boats used by Indians hundreds of years ago at the  Center for Traditional Louisiana Boat Building.

Make a wooden cypress cooking paddle, an enjoy numerous boat displays depicting the past livelihood of boat builders on Bayou Lafourche.

After learning the in's and out's of Cajun boat building, it's time to hop up on one. Go out for a swamp tour! Sure, to be a highlight on your adventure. Fast or slow, we have your speed. Travel through bayous, waterways and swamps as you encounter alligators and wildlife while enjoying the beauty of our natural landscape.

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