From Acadian to Cajun

From Acadian to Cajun

Lafourche Parish, Louisiana, is affectionately nicknamed “Louisiana’s Cajun Bayou.” But why? “Cajun” is a local take on the word “Acadian,” which describes people who found their way to Louisiana by way of Canada. The unique culture they brought with them after a difficult journey is a big part of what makes the state – especially our region, 35 miles south of New Orleans -- so incredibly diverse and fascinating.

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  In 2022, Louisiana’s Cajun Bayou launched the campaign – From Acadian to Cajun: Two Countries, One Culture. In partnership with the Acadian regions of Nova Scotia and the Congrès Mondial Acadien, the goal of this campaign is to educate and promote the unique cultural connection between two areas separated by thousands of miles. Take a look at our progress here!

Here are a few places in Louisiana’s Cajun Bayou where visitors can learn more about what it means to be Cajun. Our region prides itself in delivering authentic Cajun experiences at every turn up and down the bayou. Dive in to those experiences here!

  When you hear the word “Cajun,” you probably think of people who possess a certain joie de vivre (translated from French, “joy of living”), and a passion for music, dancing, and having a good time. All that positivity and freedom of expression exists today with many events celebrating the joys of Louisiana’s Cajun Bayou. Here are a few events that celebrate our joie de vivre! 


  Before you begin your adventures in Louisiana’s Cajun Bayou, you’ll want to brush up on your knowledge of the Cajun language. To get you started, we’ve got a few phrases that will help you “Laissez les bon temps rouler” during your visit! When all is said and done you’ll know the difference between a “cocodril” and a “chevrette.” Get some local wisdom here, cher!

  “You gotta try this!” It is a common expression heard when dining in one of our Cajun restaurants up and down Bayou Lafourche. Thankfully for you – we make that palatable plea easy with our Cajun Bayou Food Trail. Taste the cuisine that makes our destination famous here!

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