Tourism Impact in Lafourche Parish

Travel matters, and it improves Lafourche Parish in ways that have a wide-reaching impact on our community. It is critical to our economy and jobs. In fact, according to research provided by Randal Travel Marketing, tourism generates more than $54 million in direct economic impact for Lafourche Parish. Tourism also has an impact that we do not always see: travel can strengthen families, foster hometown pride, and build bridges that connect us with one another.


Lafourche Parish Generated $95 Million in Visitor Spending in 2021

Visitors Generated $7.37 Million in State Taxes in 2021

Visitors Generated $3.72 Million in Local Taxes in 2021

Visitor Spending Generated $34 Million in Employment Earnings in 2021

Tourism in Lafourche Parish supported 1,280 Jobs in 2021

Tourism Saves Each Houshold $303 in Taxes Each Year


*Source: 2021 Tourism Spending in Louisiana Parishes Report

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