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Louisiana's Cajun Bayou: Where Cajun lifestyle is unlike any other.

In Louisiana's Cajun Bayou, just 35 miles south of New Orleans, discover the unapologetic Cajun culture of Lafourche Parish.

The bayou stretches over 100 miles, flowing through our communities and defining our traditions, there's plenty to see and do "up the Bayou" and "down the Bayou."

Experience Louisiana's Cajun Bayou like a local at our restaurants, where you'll be served from a big pot of gumbo, or at one of our many festivals, where you'll dance to live music and the Cajun beat. Meet our world class fishermen and take a charter fishing trip where you'll be guided to the day's biggest catch, whether it's speckled trout or redfish. Outdoor adventure along the bayou won't be complete until you've taken a swamp or airboat tour through our mysterious swamps, getting up close with nature.

Every attraction along the bayou tells a story about Lafourche Parish, whether you're an adventure seeker, architecture lover, or in need of a relaxing escape.

Plan your visit to Louisiana's Cajun Bayou and discover the charm of our unspoiled beauty.



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Where to Stay

From national chains, to campgrounds, to local bed and breakfasts with French speaking hosts, the places to stay up and down the Bayou in Lafourche Parish come served with their own cup of culture.

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Things to See & Do

Cajun runs deep here in Lafourche. You'll discover the rich history and culture through the many stories told along the Bayou. Enjoy outdoor adventure and relaxing all in one visit to Louisiana.

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Places To Dine

Here in Louisiana, especially along the Bayou, we live to eat. Find out why food is the main ingredient defining our Cajun culture here in Louisiana's Cajun Bayou.

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Where is Louisiana's CAJUN BAYOU

Louisiana Map

Visit Louisiana's Cajun Bayou in Lafourche Parish.

Located just outside of New Orleans. Discover Cajun life on the bayou.

Driving Distances From

New Orleans, LA 35 miles
Baton Rouge, LA 83 miles
Lafayette, La 98 miles
Biloxi, MS 135 miles
Lake charles, LA 174 miles
Mobile, AL 187 miles
Jackson, MS 200 miles
Houston, TX 315 miles
Dallas, TX 488 miles
Atlanta, GA 525 miles

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