Zam's Bayou Swamp Tours

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Zam's Bayou Swamp Tours

This is not your "average" swamp tour and you certainly will not find one like it anywhere else! Sometimes, our usual is unusual and Zam's is no exception. Start off by touring Zam's Ecological park filled with alligators, snapping turtles, nutrias, and more. Then head out into the swamps as your unapologetically Cajun guide tells stories, tricks and tips of what Cajun life is like on the Bayou.

This tour is CASH ONLY and must be reserved ahead of time by calling: 985-633-7881. Tour leaves daily at 1:30PM.



  • “I grew up visiting this place and have a special love for what it offers ”

    This place is a mystical wonderland of how people in the bayou live their lives. The family has opened their business and hearts for the world to come visit and have a great time. They have a huge pet alligator in their back yard and lots of other fun animals.
    I have been going here since I was 7 and have the fondest memories of my childhood visiting this place. They sometimes have baby alligators to hold, baby goats to play with and a huge python snake that my daughter just loved to hold for the best picture opportunity. The boat tours bring you to the real swamps of Louisiana and give you the best experience around


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