Plan A Tour

Tour Operators

Our commitment to every tour and travel planner is ensuring their customers experience true authentic Cajun culture in Louisiana’s Cajun Bayou. The journey begins with the staff assisting tour operators with planning and developing tours to generate interest, excitement, and enthusiasm. We offer a variety of professional services to help simplify arranging tours, which includes helping with acquiring hotel rooms, coordinating sightseeing tours, creating itineraries, and providing several other services to ensure an enjoyable experience.

Group Tour Services

Site Visits and Group Leads

The staff at Louisiana’s Cajun Bayou Tourism can make arrangements for tour operators to visit the hotels, attractions, and restaurants.  Also on your behalf, we can make direct contact with our tourism partners and provide them with accommodation requirements, sightseeing interests, dining preferences, and any other specific requests.

Tour Customization

We understand that many tour operators have clients that are affinity groups and groups that enjoy flexibility when traveling together. The staff at Louisiana’s Cajun Bayou can assist tour operators in develop customized tours and itineraries. We also have samples of themed itineraries and excursions.

Promotional Gifts and Collateral

We want to enhance your visit to Louisiana’s Cajun Bayou with some extra southern hospitality. Your groups will receive welcome bags that include local gifts, along with our visitor guide and other brochures highlighting our attractions.


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