Chef John Folse Culinary Institute

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Chef John Folse Culinary Institute

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Known around the world as "Louisiana's Culinary Ambassador to the World" and located on the campus of Nicholls State University, the institute is dedicated to the preservation of Louisiana's rich culinary heritage.



  • We have attend several events for Chef John Folse Culinary Institute and they always seem to do better job each time we attend. The students take tremendous pride in what they produce and great manners in presentation. "A PLUS" to the professors and students of this fine institution!

    Greg G.

  • John Folse had a wonderful vision which was a blessing to Nicholls State University, to students, to the community, to this country, and to other parts of the world where chefs have come to NSU to learn the art of cooking our cuisine. Thank you, John Folse!

    Faye R

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