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Louisiana's Cajun Bayou Tourism Welcomes New Office/Finance Manager

Louisiana’s Cajun Bayou Tourism Welcomes New Office/Finance Manager

Raceland, Louisiana (September 26, 2023) – Louisiana’s Cajun Bayou Tourism, the destination marketing organization for Lafourche Parish, welcomed its new Office/Finance Manager this month in the hiring of Brandi Hebert.

Hebert fills a position that had been vacated since late August and will play a crucial part of the Cajun Bayou Tourism team moving forward. Tasked with managing all office and finance matters, Brandi will also take on the handling of the Lafourche Pavilion and will work with the local organizations who hold their events there.

“We are very excited to have Brandi join our close-knit family here at Louisiana’s Cajun Bayou Tourism” says President/CEO Cody A. Gray. “Her experience made her a stand-out candidate for the position and I am confident she will grow into a leader for our organization.”

Brandi is a local of Lafourche Parish and is a proud resident of Bayou Blue. She brings 12 years of finance and office management experience making her a perfect fit for the position. Outside of her professional ambitions, Brandi is also a loving mother and spends her free time camping, cooking up Cajun food, and watching her favorite football team.

“I am looking forward to working with our local businesses and learning more about the hidden gems within Lafourche Parish” says Hebert. “I am excited for the new relationships with my team and welcome all the exciting experiences to come.”

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