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Monthly Archives: May 2017

Find Your Inner Cajun in Louisiana's Cajun Bayou

Cajun. It’s a word that encompasses so many things in Louisiana’s Cajun Bayou. Cajun is a lifestyle that defines families, traditions, and experiences. And at its heart, Cajun is about people- not just the folks who live here, but also our visitors, who we welcome like family and encourage embracing our authentic way of life. Once you begin you adventure up and down the Bayou, we think you’ll find you’ve always had a little piece of Cajun in you, too. These are some great ways to find your inner Cajun here in Louisiana’s Cajun Bayou!

Take A Swamp Tour

One of the best ways to dive right in to the Cajun atmosphere is on a swamp tour. Choose a fast-paced airboat tour or a meandering pontoon boat… either way, you’ll come back feeling (and maybe speaking) a little more Cajun. Whether you’re feeling adventurous or looking for some relaxation, our swamp tours will take you on a journey that you’ll never forget. Our tour guides are storytellers who know how to weave a tale … and make you feel like you’ve jumped right into a great book full of Cajun culture and tradition. And you won’t be just listening to the story; you’ll become part of it as you interact with wildlife, feel warm breezes, and listen to the sounds of the swamp. 

Go On A Fishing Trip

There’s something about being on the water in Louisiana’s Cajun Bayou that’s so peaceful, yet so exhilarating. With so many types of fish and seafood – shrimp, crabs, oysters -- to be caught in our bountiful waters, hopping on a charter fishing trip is a satisfying and memorable way to spend the day. Cajuns love to fish. It’s a pastime shared with friends and family and an experience our charter captains are eager to share with visitors, too. They’ll teach you how to cast a line, explain how Cajuns make their living on the water, and take you to favorite spots where you’re guaranteed to reel in the big one. A beautiful day on a boat with an ice chest full of fish (and probably some beers from our local brewery, Mudbug) will have you feeling as proud as a Cajun bringing in their daily catch. 

Explore Our Museums 

Visit our many museums –for adults and kids alike, and truly immerse yourself in the Cajun experience, learning how we work hard but also know how to truly enjoy life. Live the life of a real Cajun as you touch handcrafted boats more than 400 hundreds years old, hear the sounds of the French Acadian language still spoken today, take kids on an interactive drive through sugarcane fields, or use your own hands to make shrimping nets. Just like those nets, the Cajun lifestyle is beautifully woven into the history of Lafourche Parish, all up and down the Bayou. The first Cajuns didn’t just live here; they worked and made a living from every natural element available to them, just as they do today. 

Eat Our Food

Cajuns live to eat! With so much flavor and history behind every bite, our world-famous cuisine is one more experience we love to share with our guests. Learning how to crack open crabs and peel shrimp and crawfish are rites of passage for visitors seeking to become honorary Cajuns. And if you don’t know what you’re doing at the Cajun table, don’t worry: there’s always a local expert around to teach you. A Cajun’s motto is, “The best way to a person’s heart is through the stomach,” and that’s a promise delivered. Once you’ve had the crash course in boiled seafood, don’t forget to try the home-cooked meals and overstuffed poboys you’ll find at any of our restaurants up and down the Bayou. You won’t leave Louisiana’s Cajun Bayou hungry, that’s for sure. You’ll learn to eat – and maybe even cook – just like a Cajun.

Louisiana’s Cajun Bayou in Lafourche Parish is a place with an authentic Cajun lifestyle unlike any other. Is your inner Cajun ready to explore “Where Cajun Runs Deep?” Come see the unpolished, unspoiled beauty of the Bayou. Plan your trip today

Louisiana’s Cajun Bayou Tourism Honors Tourism Partners

In honor of National Travel and Tourism Week, Louisiana’s Cajun Bayou Tourism (LCBT) honored two local tourism partners with the “Spirit of the Bayou Tourism Award.”  The award honors Lafourche Parish tourism partners who deliver the Louisiana’s Cajun Bayou brand and provide visitors with outstanding customer service. 

The 2017 recipients of the award are Airboat Tours by Arthur Matherne and Herbert Adams of E.D. White Historic Site. The awards were presented by LCBT President & CEO, Timothy P. Bush and Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser, who is traveling around the state to celebrate a fifth consecutive record breaking year for tourism in Louisiana.  The event was hosted the Jean Lafitte National Park Wetlands Acadian Cultural Center in Thibodaux.

“Here in Louisiana’s Cajun Bayou, we have wonderful and supportive partners who work really hard and are great ambassadors for our community and the experiences this area offers,” said LCBT President & CEO Timothy P. Bush. “I say often that as the destination marketing organization, we don’t deliver the experiences to visitors, that role is what our partners do. I am extremely thankful that this area has so many wonderful partners who deliver the Louisiana’s Cajun Bayou brand through their work. We are very proud to honor Airboat Tours by Arthur Matherne and Herbert Adams for their contributions to tourism. They are shining examples of the 560 people who work in our local tourism industry every single day and provide value to our industry through their continuous hard work.”

Other highlights from the event include:

LCBT Launches New Destination Website

On Monday, LCBT launched a new website built to support the Louisiana’s Cajun Bayou brand, launched earlier this year. Designed by Tomahawk Tourism, the website features a new design that focuses on strong visual images of the area, simplistic navigation, and a storytelling element that showcases the natural, unapologetic culture found up and down the Bayou in Lafourche Parish.

“This new website will be a great extension to showcase the Louisiana’s Cajun Bayou story to visitors,” said Bush. “So many visitors plan their travel online today. We felt it was important to create a website that will inspire and assist visitors in planning their visit to the area.”

“We are beyond proud to have worked with Louisiana’s Cajun Bayou Tourism on this project, said Tomahawk Tourism USA CEO Marica Mackenroth Brewster. “They knew exactly how they wanted to portray Louisiana's Cajun Bayou online and the demographic to reach. The background research, strategy, content planning, and artistic direction were developed throughout a series of brain bouncing sessions which resulted in a stunning end product. From the navigation structure to the robust functionality, this website is positioned to engage and inspire visitors to experience Louisiana's Cajun Bayou.”

Wetlands Cultural Byway Videos

Louisiana’s Cajun Bayou Tourism and Houma Area Convention & Visitors Bureau have partnered together to produce a series of videos to promote the Wetlands Cultural Byway, which stretches over 250 miles between the two parishes.  The three videos focus on a multigenerational family, a group of millennials, and a couple looking to enjoy a romantic weekend getaway, all experiences that can be found along the byway.

Lt. Governor Touts State Tourism Numbers and Bass Trail Launch

Lt. Gov. Nungesser shared highlights about the positive growth of tourism for Louisiana. He also talked about the roll out of Louisiana Bass Trail, designed to get more fishing enthusiast traveling through some of Louisiana’s best state parks. The initiative highlights seven lakes at eight state parks throughout north Louisiana. To learn more about the Louisiana Bass Trail, visit

National Speaker to Talk Online Reputation Management

LBCT will wrap up its National Travel and Tourism Week activities by hosting a tourism workshop on Sense of Place and Reputation Management, presented by Jim Brody. Brody is the president and CDN (Chief DMO Nerd) for Sense of Place, a company dedicated to helping destination marketing organizations and their partners navigate the digital landscape. He has a keen understand of digital marketing and reputation management. 


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