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Summer Cool Downs

It’s summer in Louisiana’s Cajun Bayou and that means things are heating up! But that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of sweet treats and refreshing drinks to help keep you cool on the bayou. Our safe and social distancing friendly options are here to help you make the most of your summer road trip, staycation or day-trip.

Louisiana’s Cajun Bayou is in the heart of sugar country -- Louisiana produces 13.5 million tons of the sweet stuff each year. So of course, there’s plenty of tasty (and cold) treats on just about every bend of the bayou. When you are driving along Highway 1, stop at the Goal Post in Raceland for some of their rich and thick ice cream that’s hand dipped onto the cone and sure to make a satisfying mess.
And you can’t come to Cajun without trying a snowball. Maggie D’s Snowballs in Thibodaux is just the place! They have the perfect combination of shaved ice and plenty of flavors to choose from. For a little “lagniappe” add condensed milk to top it off. Visit Places to Dine to discover more treats in Lafourche Parish.

What is summer without a fresh, hand crafted cocktail? Our restaurants serve not only the most authentic Cajun delicacies, but they can craft a pretty mean cocktail as well. Cuvee is the newest addition to Thibodaux’s culinary scene. This charming new eatery has a beautiful bar and a large selection of wines, which you can also buy by the bottle to go. Their seasonal drinks, like the Grand Isle Sunrise Punch, are crafted with the freshest ingredients and always served with a smile.
For a southern bistro that cannot be compared to anywhere else, visit Cinclare in downtown Thibodaux. Their mixologists are always concocting something new. Try “the Robichaux”, a refreshing blend of bayou satsuma rum, ginger ale, lime, angostura and a simple syrup. This drink is literally the essence of summer! Cinclare is also a stop on the Cajun Bayou Food Trail, so be sure to get your passport stamped when you go.


We have all experienced a change in our travel plans this summer, but that does not mean that you still can’t safely enjoy a relaxing escape. We look forward to spending our summer with you in Louisiana’s Cajun Bayou!



You'll Remember the Adventure, You'll Remember the Fun, You'll Remember Lafourche

Just 35 miles south of New Orleans you’ll find Lafourche Parish, better known as Louisiana’s Cajun Bayou. If you are a traveler that values memories as part of your travel experience then Louisiana’s Cajun Bayou is a must-visit for you!

With the amount of time you have spent inside lately, we think you could use some fresh air. Jump on board and ride out on one of our swamp tours! Listen to the sound of bald eagles overhead, while alligators are sunning in the distance, all while you are transported through the lush marshland and cypress swamps that make this area so naturally beautiful. What sets our swamp tours apart? Your native Cajun guide. They love what they do and it shows in the stories they tell and the connection they bridge between you and our rustic bayous. Don’t be surprised when your guide stops and explains to you that Spanish moss isn’t just pretty to look at, but back in the old days it was used in Ford cars to stuff their seat cushions. This is just one of the many colorful facts you may learn.


With hundreds of miles of both freshwater and saltwater for you to fish in, we guarantee you’ll have a reel good time. Try your luck down the bayou at the Leeville Fishing Pier, or book a charter and head out to the gulf to reel in a tarpon, tuna, or swordfish. Our charter captains extend our Cajun hospitality to every fisherman, no matter the skill level. From a cane pole, to bowfishing, there’s something for every angler. Here, our waters make it easy to catch your dinner for the night.

With home cooking getting old, let us cook for you! It’s no secret, Louisiana is synonymous with food. Much of that has to do with the local ingredients found right outside our doors. The shrimp, oysters, crabs, crawfish ... it’s all right here. You can’t get it any fresher, we call that “bayou-to-table” dining. Discover these traditions and flavors on the Cajun Bayou Food Trail, where you can Wander off the Eaten Path to try all of our Cajun cuisine. Bring your “stretchy pants” and don’t’ forget your passport as you stop at restaurants along the trail. Make sure to get five stamps to claim your free t-shirt.

There’s an amazing blending of cultures here in Louisiana’s Cajun Bayou. We have French influences, Spanish influences, African influences, Native American influences and when you blend them together, it makes a beautiful “cultural gumbo.” You’re not going to find all those influences combined in just this way anywhere else in the world.  You can experience our unapologetic and laid-back Cajun culture in every town, restaurant, shop, and historic site you visit. Each welcomes you with love and warmth; a mask cannot hide our heart and our spirit. Places like the E.D. White House Historic Site or the Bayou Lafourche Folklife & Heritage Museum, are perfect places to dig even deeper into our heritage.



Our swamp tours, savory food, diverse culture, and the people you’ll meet along the way are just a few reasons our destination is so unforgettable. We can’t wait for you to start making memories of your own in Louisiana’s Cajun Bayou. We look forward to safely welcoming you back over and over again.

COVID-19 Updates


Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, many of our local operators have changed their hours of operation. We have created a master list of updates for you to access below and we will continue to monitor and update this list as more information becomes available.


For a current listing of our local restaurants statuses, hours, and services please visit PLACES TO DINE

For a current listing of our local attractions statuses, hours, and services please visit our THINGS TO SEE & DO

For destination updates and resources visit COVID-19 DESTINATION UPDATES

Ring In Spring: Food & Fun Bayou Style

Fresh crawfish, warm sunshine and a light breeze - spring is one of the best seasons to visit Lafourche Parish. And even though Mardi Gras is behind us, we still have plenty of fairs, live music, and authentic food festivals coming up over the next few months.

So, mark your calendar now: here are a few excellent excuses to get the whole family out and enjoy the Louisiana spring.



St. Patrick’s Day on the Bayou - March 17, 2020

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about St. Patty’s Day. Celebrate small-town Cajun style at St. Patrick’s Day on the Bayou. Don some green and try your hand at a paddle race if you’re feeling lucky. You’ll also find plenty of local food vendors and live music.



Is there anything more pleasantly nostalgic than a fireman’s fair? This season, you’ve got two opportunities to take in the smell of fresh popcorn, catch a parade, and find the perfect spot to sit down and enjoy some live music.

Choctaw Fireman’s Fair - March 6 - 8, 2020

This family-friendly event includes music, dancing, a live auction, and of course - enough traditional Cajun fare to keep you satiated from morning to night. If you can make it on Sunday, March 8th, you’ll probably run into the famous parade marking the end of the festivities. Find out more here and start planning your visit.

Thibodaux Fireman’s Fair - April 30 - May 3, 2020

If you enjoyed the small-town carnival vibe of the Choctaw Fair, you’ll have to come back in April. The Thibodaux Fireman’s Fair is proud to be the largest volunteer fire department fair in the country. That means you get the works, from carnival rides for the kids, to live shows and auctions for mom and dad.



Food is front and center here in the bayou: this is one of the few parts of the country where you can fill up on authentic Cajun cooking. If you’ve never tried a bite of boudin or shrimp etouffee, now is your chance!

Bateaux de Bois Festival - April 13, 2020

Crawfish is the signature dish of the Bateaux De Bois Festival. But before you fill up on mud bugs, build up an appetite by taking a museum tour and browsing the many rows of boat building demonstrations, Cajun crafts, and antiques. If the little ones aren’t as interested in vintage machinery displays, let them burn off some steam at the children's area or keep them occupied with landing craft rides.

Lockport Food Festival - April 17 - 19, 2020

The Lockport Food Festival is an ideal spring destination for any foodie, but it has much more than delicious snacks. This fair keeps everyone in the family dancing, eating, and trying out some good old-fashioned carnival rides. Check out favorites like the traditional carousel!

Mud Bug Boil-Off - May 9, 2020

Visitors catch on pretty quick: we love a good crawfish boil. And since the season is all too fleeting (we’ll get the last few crawfish in early July if we’re lucky), we take every opportunity to indulge. The first time you crack open a crawfish tail fresh from a pot of Cajun seasonings, you’ll understand why. Try the best Thibodaux has to offer at the Mud Bug Boil-Off. You’ll also take in some live music while you eat.


Hopefully we’ve inspired you to break out from your routine and take some time to enjoy springtime on the bayou. Whether you’re hoping to catch a traditional crawfish boil or give the kids their first true local fair experience, you can find it all in Lafourche Parish.

Oh, the things we do for Mardi Gras!

Here on the bayou, we’ve got plenty of Mardi Gras events in the works - and unlike some of our larger, neighboring cities, you can actually enjoy them without elbowing your way through crowds of tourists. If you’re lucky enough to find yourself in Lafourche Parish this February, here are a few of the Mardi Gras festivities you can look forward to. 


la cajun bayou mardi gras



The rest of the country may decide to ease off decadent desserts starting on January 1st, but we like to put that off until March. 

King cake is traditionally associated with the festival of Epiphany. King cakes typically have a small, plastic baby inside - whoever gets the piece with a baby is blessed with good luck (but may have to host the next party, depending on who you ask). More importantly, it’s housed in delicious brioche and capped off with frosting and the can’t-miss purple, yellow and gold sprinkles.  

It’s a treat you can only fully enjoy when you find yourself in Louisiana for Mardi Gras. You can enjoy a slice of king cake this time of year at just about any of our bakeries - but start off with the most famous king cake in the region at Cajun Pecan House, or stop by Spahr’s Seafood if you want to pair your king cake beignets with a mean bloody mary.



Parades are an essential part of any Mardi Gras celebration. Whether you’re a Louisiana local or visiting for the first time, you can’t get through February without enjoying a few good parades, and reaching your hand up to catch some beads (or any other surprise throws that might be in store this year!).

Enjoy two full weeks of parades, all leading up to the four parades on Mardi Gras day. Whether you’re determined to catch the stilt walkers with the Krewe of Chronos, or you’d rather admire the home-made floats crafted by the Krewe of Gheens, there’s one thing in common with all of our parades: you’ll get a front-row seat to the action. Our parades are family-friendly, and the kids will have plenty of elaborate costumes and lively music to keep their attention. Check out our full parade calendar to start planning. 


Cajun Bayou Mardi Gras 2020



Cajuns are known for our delicious food - so try the most authentic stuff you can get. Fried shrimp comes in handy when the kids are famished: families and large groups are welcome at Bubba’s II Poboys, Or take a break from the parade scene to get some genuine Cajun food at Cher Amie’s Seafood Restaurant

Luckily for you, Mardi Gras also happens at the same time as crawfish season. You can only enjoy this southern delicacy for a few months out of the year - so if you catch the delicious aroma of Louisiana Crawfish Boil and seafood as you spend time around town, dip inside for a pound of fresh crawfish. (If you’re new here, ask anybody how to peel them. We all think we have the best method, and we’ll be more than happy to prove it!). 

If you’re a true foodie looking to sample the best of Lafourche Parish, you’ll just have to make a stop everywhere on the Cajun Bayou Food Trail. Hope you have an appetite. 



You might be perfectly content to get a delicious lunch and set up camp on the parade trail. But if you’ve got little ones in tow who need a change of scenery, we’ve got your back. 

When they start getting antsy, take a detour to the Bayou Country Children’s Museum. Younger kids and toddlers will be able to burn off some steam in a range of interactive exhibits, like the Bayou Gallery and the Offshore Supply Vessel, where they can play boat captain for a day. 




For us, Mardi Gras is a full-fledged holiday. It’s a day for us to get colorful, enjoy lots of good food, and take time out from work to spend with family and friends. Join us this year and do the same!


Mardi Gras in Cajun Bayou

You don’t want to miss your chance to experience Mardi Gras season up and down the Bayou! Leading up to Fat Tuesday, our schedule is full of parades and fun. Cajuns celebrate Mardi Gras with many traditions that highlight our vibrant culture while creating an atmosphere that’s all about celebrating life and having a good time. Here are our top 5 reasons why you don’t want to miss Mardi Gras on the Bayou.

King Cake Galore

What’s a Mardi Gras celebration without King Cake? There really is none. But, forget what you’ve heard about traditional King Cakes because we do it a little differently on the Bayou. Whether it’s King Cake Beignets at Spahr’s Seafood Restaurant or Cajun Pecan House’s famous treats, you can enjoy King Cake many different ways while celebrating. You can find our local bakeries here.

Feasting and Fun

Don’t stress about packing a sandwich or a bag of chips! We’ve got you covered when it comes to delicious food. Here, you’ll witness a true Bayou-style parade that include streets lined up with barbecue pits and boiling pots of seafood, all made for the sole purpose of feeding parade goers. The atmosphere is full of the delicious smells and the sound of the best dancing music. Our restaurants along the Cajun Bayou Food Trail also have you covered too. With so many spots along the parade routes you can grab a po-boy or some boiled seafood to-go.

True Family-Friendly Fun

When we celebrate Mardi Gras, it’s a party fit for everyone! Whether it’s a family-friendly environment to enjoy the beautiful floats and throws, or the vibrant life of the Downtown areas, there’s always a place for every parade goer. We make room for everyone to have access to the beautifully decorated Mardi Gras floats. And forget the idea of the massive, overwhelming crowds of larger cities. Being only a few people away from the parade route, you’ll be sure to fill up your bag with plenty of your favorite Mardi Gras throws!

The People

These parades are where the locals go. Forget not knowing anybody, because here everyone knows EVERYBODY! You’ll find moms, dads, kids, grandparents, the whole family, all attending the parades together. Everyone is there to greet you with a big smile and a grand-ole time. Even if you had to travel here, we’ll get to know you and welcome you in. We’re all friends and family, so don’t be surprised if a complete stranger offers you a burger, a beer, or a place to watch the parade.

Our Unique Routes (aka where you watch the Parades)

Whether you find yourself up or down the Bayou, there’s something special about our parades. If you think you’ve missed anyone along the route, don’t panic! Our routes are within blocks of one another, so mark your spot and catch the driver’s side, then cross on over a few blocks to catch the passenger side fun. It’s double the fun and experience.

Come on down for Mardi Gras in Louisiana’s Cajun Bayou! Carnival Season 2020 begins February 15 and rolls through Mardi Gras day on February 25. Check here for the full schedule.

November Festival Round-Up

Part two of fall festival season in Louisiana’s Cajun Bayou, Lafourche Parish is about to go down and we can’t wait to share it with you. We hope your dancing shoes are primed and you’ve opted for the stretchy pants!

Acadia Music Fest
November 2

This one-day outdoor fest features an epic line-up including local favorites like Soul Survivor to world-wide super stars Choppa and Flo Rida. Grab your lawn chair, bring the family and settle in for the day. And what’s music without food? The food court is a mecca of the best in south Louisiana food so bring your appetite!  

Louisiana Swamp Stomp
November 2

Put on your white boots (Cajun Reeboks) and come on down to this festival deeply rooted in Cajun traditions. A huge part of what makes our culture special is the music and that’s what this festival is all about. You’ll hear some of the best Cajun musicians surrounded by great dancing. Not sure how to do the two-step or Cajun jitterbug? We’ve got your covered. Our locals love teaching their moves.

Big Boy’s Main Street Cook-Off
November 8

Here’s where the stretchy pants will come in handy! Big Boy’s is a showcase of the best food on the bayou. Dozens of cook-off teams line the blocks of Downtown Thibodaux early in the day cooking up favorites like jambalayas, sauce picantes, and chilis. A $10 entry fee gets you all the tastings you can fit in your belly. While you’re feasting there’s plenty of live music to enjoy, too. It’s like one big Cajun block party!

Thibodeauxville Fall Fest
November 9

Thibodeauxville is a shopper’s dream. For one day, the streets of Downtown Thibodaux are filled with tents full of amazing crafts and gifts. Get your holiday shopping done while you enjoy some great food and music. Make sure you grab a spot along the banks of Bayou Lafourche for the grand finale of the day; the rubber duck race! 


Don’t wait! Plan your trip to the bayou during the final weeks of fall festival season. Louisiana’s Cajun Bayou is just 45 minutes south of New Orleans!

October Festival Round-Up

It’s almost fall, and beside the fact that the relentless heat turns to cool, crisp days, it’s festival season. There’s one just about every weekend in October so the options of when to make your trip are as plentiful as the Cajun food and fun.

La Fete Des Vieux Temps

It’s French for the Festival of Old Times and it’s packed with ways to experience local culture first-hand. You can get up close during cultural demonstrations and take part in making cane syrup, learn about old fashion medicine, and even participate in a boucherie from start to finish. And you have to taste Cajun food favorites like fried bread, poboys, and jambalaya.

Louisiana Gumbo Festival

When you hear locals talking about fall there’s always one word that is bound to be said in the same sentence…gumbo! And when it comes to gumbo this festival doesn’t play around. All you have to do is grab your ticket when you arrive, get in line, and make your way to the pot. It may be hard to decide if you want chicken and sausage or seafood but don’t worry, there’s more than 600 gallons to go around so going back for seconds won’t be a problem. No matter which day you go, you’ll also hear some of the best live music the region has to offer.

French Food Festival

I don’t know about you but any festival with the word food in the name is right up my alley. This festival has been around for more than 45 years which means they know their way around good food. More than 40 booths of delicious dishes offer everything under the sun, or pavilion in this case, from fried shrimp and catfish to pralines and cakes. Calories don’t count because you can dance them right off with the crowd that’s always ready to tear up the dance floor.

Don’t wait! Plan your trip to the bayou for some unapologetically Cajun fun and where the festivals are unlike anything else.  
Louisiana’s Cajun Bayou is just 45 minutes south of New Orleans!

Experience the Charm of a B&B Along the Bayou

All up and down the Bayou, our bed & breakfasts have a uniqueness and charm you can only find in Louisiana’s Cajun Bayou.

Part of the charm is the hospitality you’ll experience and their proximity to attractions and restaurants. It’s really easy to navigate up and down the bayou and their locations make it simple to find your way. Stay downtown within walking distance to shops and bars or just a little further south and you’re near some of Louisiana’s best fishing and swamp tours.

One of the reasons to choose a bed and breakfast is the food. You can enjoy a great homemade breakfast and some of our B&B’s even serve night meals featuring Cajun dishes made just like our families have for generations. It’s easy to feel like an honored guest because that’s just how our culture is built. We treat you like family.

These accommodations are perfect for a getaway with your sweetheart or a much-needed girlfriend getaway.

Grab a cocktail and take in the sunset right on the bayou or sit on a grand porch and view the historic architecture of downtown Thibodaux. Vacations should be relaxing and our B&B’s have that mastered. Browse these places to stay and find the one that fits you. We can’t wait to see you on the bayou!

4 Ways to Summer in Louisiana's Cajun Bayou

From swamp tours and fishing to festivals and Cajun culture, we’re planning to take advantage of summer vacation in Louisiana’s Cajun Bayou and you should too.

In the hotter months, you can explore some really cool things up and down the Bayou. Any adventure you choose is sure to be unforgettable.

1.  Kick Off Summer With Festivals

We’re starting the summer off with a bang… and some serious Cajun traditions. The Cajun Heritage Festival and Gheen’s Bon Mange Festival, both June 7-9th, are a showcase of our great food, live music, and culture.

The Cajun Heritage Festival features a duck carving contest that shows off hundreds of hand-crafted models still made just like past generations. Gheen’s Bon Mange Festival will wow you with Cajun food galore and lots of fun dancing.

2. Breeze Through Swamps 

There’s really no better time to take a swamp tour than in the summer. Warmer weather means you are pretty much guaranteed to spot the most popular critter in the deep south; alligators! But swamp tours here are so much more than gators. You’ll see so much natural beauty and wildlife that has been unspoiled such as moss-draped cypress trees, gorgeous flowers, and birds unique to the area.

3.  Grab a Line and Go Fishing

A trip to the bayou isn’t complete without time spent out on the water – rod and reel in hand. The coast is a true playground for anglers with endless quantities of fish. What you catch is part of the Cajun dishes you love, from redfish and trout to shrimp and crabs. It’s easy to get out and cast your line with our expert guides and charter fishing options.

4. Get Hands-On at Museums

What’s special about museums in Louisiana’s Cajun Bayou is that you get to interact with local culture in a personal way. Kids can ride a real sugarcane harvester and fish off an oil rig at the Bayou Country Children’s Museum. At the Wetlands Acadian Cultural Center and the Bayou Folklife Museum Cajun culture comes to life through music and artifacts.  See boats that are hundreds of years old at the Center for Traditional Boat Building where builders are still making and crafting boats by hand. Part of what makes our museums unique is that you’ll hear stories from our guides who have such a rich story to tell about Cajun heritage.  

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