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Monthly Archives: November 2021

Tis' the Season in Louisiana's Cajun Bayou

‘Tis the season to be jolly in Louisiana’s Cajun Bayou! Here in Lafourche Parish, we’re known for our unique Cajun culture, and we amp it up just a little bit more at Christmastime. We have a few special traditions you won’t find in other spots around the planet.

Instead of Santa Claus arriving on Christmas Eve, children all along the bayou eagerly await the appearance of Papa Noel. Similar to Santa (but -- dare we say – better) Papa Noel leaves toys for the kids, but he ditches the flying sleigh and reindeer and instead travels via pirogue, which is basically a Cajun canoe, along the waters of the bayou. And – BIG bonus – that pirogue is pulled by alligators instead of reindeer!

Yeah. We know. How could it get better? Well … we light bonfires along the bayou to help Papa Noel find his way to each and every home to deliver his toys. On Christmas Eve, you see little bonfires along the bayou – best spotted if you travel by boat, but please be sure you don’t get in Papa Noel’s way and slow down his journey!

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