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Monthly Archives: August 2020

Highways, Byways and Bayous. Plan Your Fall Road Trip

We’ve all heard that road trips are “in” right now. It’s just you and the open road … and your kids asking, “Are we there yet?” every three minutes. As summer starts to simmer down and the crispness of fall starts to creep in, what better time for a family road trip? Located less than an hour from New Orleans, Lafourche Parish – also known as Louisiana’s Cajun Bayou – is the perfect destination for a trip with a truly personal feel.


In Louisiana’s Cajun Bayou, there’s no north or south; all directions are given as “up” or “down” the Bayou – as in Bayou Lafourche, the body of water that nearly bisects the parish. Highway 1 and Highway 308 traverse this waterway, and this road trip allows you to follow one of those roads for dozens of miles. (Or both – you can criss-cross over bridges along the way.)

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