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Monthly Archives: November 2020

Celebrate National Louisiana Day!

November 9 is National Louisiana Day, and November 1-14 is when Louisiana’s Cajun Bayou celebrates Lafourche Heritage Days, a time to reflect on the parish’s distinctive culture. That makes November the perfect opportunity to offer some pointers about where you might interact with a few of Louisiana’s famous state symbols, those things that truly set our state and parish apart from all the rest.

State Bird: Brown Pelican
You’ll find these big waterbirds – you can’t miss their distinctive bills and seven-foot wingspan as they swoop over the water – pretty much anywhere that anglers are hauling in their catch. Pelicans are expert fishermen themselves, but they’re not above taking the easy way out and hoping for some scraps to be tossed in their direction. A great place to look for them is Port Fourchon, which recently installed viewfinders to assist the many birdwatchers who head here to check species off their birding life list.

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