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It's Snow Joke! Learn More About Our Cool Summer Treat!

It's Snow Joke! Learn More About Our Cool Summer Treat!

Temperatures are soaring here as we officially enter the summer season, but thankfully, there’s one treat that has beaten the heat and withstood the test of time (and coastal Louisiana’s toasty weather) for nearly a century.

The popularity of the culturally iconic snowball – often referred to as a sno-ball in these parts – dates to the 1930s, when the electric ice-shaving machine was invented, and steadily transformed into the masterpiece it is today. Unlike snow cones, which are made with crunchy chunks of ice, snowballs are made of fluffy, very finely shaved ice that’s then coated in syrupy, sugary goodness. The unique texture of our snowballs allows for the perfect absorption of syrup.

We all know that Louisianans are built differently than mere mortals … and our snowballs are, too! Sure, you’re familiar with the classic snowball flavors like grape, blue raspberry and cherry. Those have been available since you were a kid. But here, you’ll find more exotic flavors … like nectar, wedding cake, tiger’s blood, and, of course, king cake! And don’t you dare skimp on the toppings! Sweetened condensed milk is a popular add-on around here.

We know, we know. We’ve talked up this sweet treat and now your mouth is watering, but you have no idea where to find one. You’re in luck, because there are many places up and down the bayou that serve the delectable snowball. One of our own personal favorites is Central Sno

Located at 5610 N. LA-1 in the town of Lockport, Central Sno’s walk-up window and drive-thru allows for quick and easy access to countless delicious concoctions. Strawberry Cheesecake is a popular option (it comes with its own piece of cheesecake on top, if you can believe it!), as is the Magical Unicorn. Outside of snowballs, Central Sno also offers ice cream, shakes, sundaes … basically all the refreshing summer treats you’ll ever need!

Overwhelmed by the expansive snowball menu and don’t know where to start? Luckily for you, Louisiana’s Cajun Bayou Tourism Office is made up of snowball lovers! Here are their favorite flavors to give you some ideas:

Cody: Strawberry Cheesecake with condensed milk
Brandi: Nectar Cream
Ian: Pina Colada
Ms. Brenda: Almond Joy with condensed milk
Mr. John: Clear Spearmint

Though its beginnings were humble, the snowball is still Louisiana’s symbol of summer bliss after all these years. It may now be offered with its own dessert spread on top and come in dozens of both crazy and traditional flavors, but one thing will never change: the joy it brings to everyone who indulges in this timeless treat.

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