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Fun Stops for Every Pop this Father's Day

If you want to show dear old Dad just how much he means to you this Father’s Day, Louisiana’s Cajun Bayou offers a fun stop for every type of pop.

If the father figure in your life loves to fish, the Leeville Fishing Pier is a great spot to cast a line, enjoy each other’s company … and wait for the fish to bite. (In these parts, you usually don’t have to wait that long.) If you’re more adventurous and want to reel in something a little (or a lot) bigger, several charter fishing options accommodate every skill level, from novice to expert.

Is Dad a not-so-secret foodie? Lafourche Parish is home to the Cajun Bayou Food Trail, with 16 distinctive restaurants serving up Cajun cuisine that focuses on ingredients that come straight from the Bayou and blended with a whole lotta love. With options ranging from “alligator cheesecake” at Cinclare to Spahr’s famous “catfish fingers,” you’re sure to get plenty of authentic Cajun flavor AND a full belly at each stop you make. Visit 5 or more stops on the Food Trail, and you and Dad can work yourselves into free T-shirts!

To make sure your Father’s Day is on par, why not take Dad to one of the Bayou’s golf courses? LaTour Golf Club is just one of 18 courses that make up the Louisiana Audubon Golf Trail. Arranging a tee time at this 18-hole course designed by PGA tour champion David Toms is sure to make YOU a champ in Dad’s eyes!

For the father who both seeks adventure and loves nature, Arthur Matherne’s airboat tours take guests through the swamps that make Lafourche Parish so famous. You’ll catch glimpses of alligators, birds and other native wildlife and plant species. (Alligator fun fact: How is it determined whether baby gators will grow up to be dads or moms? The temperature of the nest! Cooler temperatures -- 82 to 86 degree -- produce female hatchlings and warmer temps -- 90 to 93 degrees --produce males!)

Any and all of these options will provide hours of fun with Dad. If one day isn’t enough, consider an overnight stay, Bayou-style, at Southern Breeze Lodge in Golden Meadow. The property offers an array of newly renovated cottages and cabins, all of which allow you to get a good night’s rest so you can fuel up for additional days of fun. After all, doesn’t Dad deserve that … and some time with his favorite kid? (That’s you!)

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